Why us

Our unique psychological methodology gives you a depth of insight you've not seen before.

How are we different

Explicit questioning and traditional research methods only get you so far as they focus on System 2 responses.

We use our unique psychological methodology to uncover, understand and explain unconscious System 1 responses.

We conduct a series of 1:1 interviews in a group setting which allows us to dig deep with each respondent and avoid the dreaded group think.
Machines miss body language and subtle cues. Our highly experienced team are trained to read these nonverbal cues. We are in the room as it happens.
Machines can’t make recommendations, so we ensure our experienced psychologists do the research and analysis.

You can rely on us – we have been organising and running research studies in markets all over the world for 20+ years so we know what we’re doing.

We run studies in respondent’s homes, informal settlements, community halls as well as in dedicated high tech research facilities. You choose the right location for you and the consumers you want to reach – we’ll do the rest.

What costs more than quality research? Cheap research that doesn’t give you the answers you need for the most challenging problems that you’re facing.
We also have decades of client-side marketing experience which means we give you clear and meaningful recommendations for next steps and moving forward.

Our approach

Every study is designed around your specific needs.

However, typically a project will have 3 distinct stages.

A typical project may take between 4-6 weeks.


Our regression techniques focus on digging deep into respondents’ memories.

Memories are emotional and stored in the amygdala in the brain. Using our interrogative questioning we extract incredible detailed unconscious emotional responses that explain consumers’ unconscious drivers and relationships with products.
We analyse patterns of change throughout respondents’ history with a product and category to understand its evolution.

These techniques allow us access to collect emotional language direct from the respondent in a way that they are unconscious of. We then utilise this language and understanding in the subsequent stages.

Psychological Analysis

Using the understanding and language gained from stage 1 our consumer psychologists create a unique psychometric circle comprising of 40-70 emotional words and phrases to describe the consumers’ experience of the category and specific products.

We also create a experience profile using around 120 words that best describe the consumer experience of the product or category.

These tools plus a proprietary mood scale are used in the subsequent phase to connect the consumers’ sensorial and emotional experience.

Psychometric Product Profiling

Using the tools created in stage 2 we map the consumers sensorial and emotional journeys when interacting with the category and brands within it.

These techniques enable us to break down the consumer experience into distinct stages and map both their sensorial and emotional journey through each stage and explain how and why their sensorial journey prompts their emotional journey.

This gives us a narrative of emotions throughout the entire consumer experience. We are then able to compare this narrative to competitor products and identify an ideal consumer emotional journey to create an ideal product experience.


  • Our methodology provides you with a depth of insight that standard research simply can’t reach.
  • An emotional narrative of consumers’ product experience.
  • We connect the sensorial markers of the product experience to the emotions it generates at multiple points throughout the experience.
  • A map of this information to give you a visual representation of the whole sensorial/emotional journey.
  • We explain “what is happening..”, why it is so and what you need to do to improve.
  • We identify the key areas for product and communications development and give you clear actionable recommendations.
  • Our outputs help product developers and marketers alike know what to do in order to move forward.
  • We present our findings in an interactive workshop and coordinate with multiple teams and stakeholders to implement our findings.

Our unique Shape of Taste tracks the consumers’ emotional journey along with their sensory experience giving you a detailed understanding of how and why your consumers are responding as they do and giving you very powerful insights into how your product differs from your competition.

Subtle differences in the sensory experience can make significant differences in the consumers emotional response to their experience.

When you understand the consumers emotional response to their sensorial experience you start to look at your branding, your communications and your product development in a very different way.

These are simplified Shapes of Taste for demonstration purposes. If you would like to know more about your Shape of Taste and how you can use the understanding that it gives you to improve your brand, please speak with us.