Managing Net Promoter Scores


They are one of the modern management tools. Almost every time we interact with an organisation we are asked to score them on how well they did. Then someone within the organisation is tasked with ensuring that these scores forever increase – or at least do not decline.

It is a great idea and it should mean that every organisation is getting better and better at dealing with its customers and service levels everywhere are increasing. But, all too often, it is not that easy.

If you are the person charged with improving these scores you have ample data telling you what is happening, but very often little telling you why. We have become very effective at measuring events, but this rarely improves our understanding of why those events occur. To improve the scores we need to understand why they are dropping and what we need to do differently to improve them.

This requires a level of understanding of the consumer experience that you will rarely find in the data.

Every consumer experience is a series of events each of which prompts an emotional reaction in the consumer. They will score you well when the overall experience makes them feel good. Let us imagine the experience that we are taking our consumer through to be a rollercoaster ride.

If they are saying they don’t like our rollercoaster we know we need to do something about it. But unless we understand how each twist and turn, climb and drop builds suspension, reassures, surprises, shocks and frightens. We will never know how to improve the ride.

If your Net Promoter Scores are giving you trouble then you need to understand the consumers’ journey better. Not just their experiential journey, but the emotional journey that their experience engenders. Once you understand your consumers’ emotional journey you can see which twists or turns, which climbs or drops are letting you down and exactly how you need to improve them.

If you are struggling to improve your Net Promoter Scores, if you want to give your consumers their best experience and to get them coming back again and again, message me.