Voltaren – Helping Consumers to Believe


Clinical trials said that it was the best product, but too many consumers did not believe in it. How to make consumers believe.

Background – Consumers do not understand that our product is as good as it is.

Voltaren is the number 1 topical pain reliever worldwide. Its effectiveness is clinically proven, but increasingly consumers in markets around the world were expressing a preference for competitive brands that had no proven medical benefit.

The Question – How do we help consumers to believe more in our product?

The Voltaren team needed to understand why consumers were preferring competitive brands and what benefits they were deriving from these that did not show up in clinical trials.

The Outcome – Small Sensory changes that make a big difference

Using our unique Emotional Profiling techniques, The Marketing Clinic identified how and why the sensorial benefits of the competitive brands convinced consumers to believe that they were having a beneficial effect and how the communications from these brands supported this belief.

We explained how and why these placebo effects convince consumers that the products are working and how Voltaren should change some of its sensorial properties and improve its communication to help more consumers recognise its proven clinical affects in relieving pain and speeding up recovery.

This led to a new generation of Voltaren which targets consumers’ emotional as well as their physiological needs and has ensured the brand maintains its global no.1 position.

Voltaren Product



“I always enjoy working with The Marketing Clinic. Their methodology and approach to the studies are not the typical run-of-the-mill qualitative studies. They provide deep, insightful and clear product experience journeys which helped us to understand the functional and emotional needs of our consumers each step of the way. Chris and Caroline are very experienced, hands-on and flexible to really address the client’s business questions at hand.”

Kathy Mendoza

CTI Consumer Innovation Science GSK. Singapore