Alex was in a Fix


Alex was in a fix. She had the local ownership of a leading global brand. In her market, it had always led the competition, but recently a local competitor had been taking market share and was now aggressively discounting.

Alex had taken action. She had worked on product improvements and advertising but nothing was making a difference. Every time the competitor discounted her brand lost more share. Whatever she did to try and build her brand the competitor’s actions were commoditising the market turning it into a trading and price war.

Fortunately, Alex asked The Marketing Clinic for help. We helped Alex and her team to think about their brand differently. Our unique research techniques showed them how they needed to adapt the global approach of this brand to suit consumers in this market with a different emphasis. We challenged their view that further product changes were essential and made them think about their communications differently, directing consumers towards the benefits that were already present in the product.

Within weeks of actioning our findings, Alex started to win in preference testing. She is not out of the woods yet, but our research exposed a clear route forward and the numbers are improving quickly. Want to turn your numbers around.