How healthy is your brand research?


Good Research, like Good Food, is Essential for the Health of your Brand

It is possible now to type your research question into an app and get responses from a hundred consumers before the end of the day. You can upload concepts, adverts and whatever else you want to get checked out and report your consumers’ reactions to the board the next day.

The intelligent use of modern technology, giving you quick answers to quick questions as and when you need them.

You can then go home, open-up a different app on your phone and order any fast food you desire and have that delivered within the hour.

Why wait for answers to your questions, why wait for food, when it can all be available almost instantly?

Fast food is great, very convenient, and sometimes even tastes good, but we all know that too much fast food is not good for our health.

The same is true of fast research. It can give us quick answers when we need them and this can be really useful, but an over reliance on fast research is not good for the health of your brand.

In the same way that we should eat more healthy meals with fresh ingredients, your brand needs in-depth research that generates understanding rather than just data.

Knowing your consumer prefers concept A to concept B is very helpful when you need to make a rapid binary choice but understanding why they prefer A to B and how you can combine elements from each to create the very best option for development or launch is worth a little extra effort, time and investment.

Good research, like good food, is essential for the health of your brand.

Fast response research, like fast food, has its purpose and should not be dismissed, but, also like fast food, it should not become the dominant part of your diet.

Fast research helps you make quick decisions, good quality in-depth understanding of your consumers helps you to make quality decisions. Used properly in tandem, they help you to make quick, quality decisions that build your brands.

Chris Lukehurst is a Director at The Marketing Clinic:

Understanding the connections between the consumer experience and emotional responses.