Change your Thinking!


Change your Thinking!Sometimes it is not new knowledge that you need but a different perspective.

I was presenting some research findings to a client the other day when they suddenly exclaimed “Now I get it! What we need to do is….”

I do not think that we had imparted any magical new knowledge, but we had helped them to understand their consumers’ interaction with their brand from a completely different perspective.

Brand owners now have incredible amounts of data available to them and they can dissect their customer interaction down to the nth degree. But we should not mistake knowledge for understanding. When our brands start to veer off-track, sales start dropping, when we are losing market share and we are struggling to correct it, this reflects a gap in our understanding of the market. If we really knew what the problem was then we could do something about it. Asking the same questions in the same way will just give us the same answers.

Take a different approach, find a different perspective. Change your thinking!