Black Boxes and Rollercoasters


Do you measure your consumers’ emotional reaction to your brand or do you actually understand it?

Your brand experience produces an emotional shift in the consumer, it changes how they feel. It is this that they like – or don’t like – and it is this that attracts them to come back to your brand again and again.

But, if you are just looking at this emotional shift you are barely understanding your brand at all.

It is like measuring the change in a rider’s mood before and after a rollercoaster ride. Yes, you can measure their change in mood, but if you want to really understand the Rollercoaster you have to understand how each ascent, each descent, every twist and turn affects the rider and, even more importantly, how their sequencing and cumulative affect produce the ultimate emotional response in the rider.

Just understanding the mood shift that your brand produces in your consumers is taking a Black Box approach to understanding your brand. You know what effect it has, but you are guessing as to how and why it has this effect and thus you cannot know how you can improve or enhance your brand.

You know that people are excited when they get off the Rollercoaster, but you don’t really know why.

If you want to take more than a Black Box approach to your brand. If you want to understand the ascents, the descents, the twists and turns of your consumer experience and how and why these produce the emotional shift in your consumer. If you want to know how to improve your products and your communications this is what we do every day at The Marketing Clinic.